AI-Powered Pricing Intelligence

Unlock the power of dynamic pricing

Intelligent solution for price optimization

Brennus Analytics has developed a superior SaaS price optimization solution designed for companies that want to boost their profitability. A modular decision support tool that is intuitive and easy to use, Brennus pricing software is based on lifelong self-learning artificial intelligence. Brennus pricing solution provides unrivalled day-to-day support for management and teams looking to drive improvements in business performance, and enables pricing to be fine-tuned to meet both a company’s strategic objectives (increased market share, increased profit margins) and commercial constraints (e.g. production capacity, inventory levels).

1% price increase = 11% profit increase

Client Benefits

  • Adjust pricing dynamically

  • Maximize your results

  • Focus on what’s important

Our clients

Our price optimization solution delivers value for companies who have highly-complex price setting processes. This can be the result of a number of factors, including:

• a large number of products, customers, or distribution points
• constantly changing pricing or procurement costs
• highly-variable competitive intensity that’s difficult to quantify

Our exclusive artificial intelligence technology enables optimized pricing while taking into account an almost infinite number of criteria and constraints, across very different business sectors. And because our clients are at the heart of what we do, our pricing software adapts to meet your business needs, not the other way round.


Our multidisciplinary and passionate team is always looking for motivated and talented professionals, whether specialists in artificial intelligence, software, UX, pricing, sales, consulting, marketing…

We are open to spontaneous applications or you can check out our job openings.

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