About us

Our vision

A team of Artificial Intelligence experts

We’re a multidisciplinary team, raised on technological innovation and convinced of the value that we can provide to many different sectors. We don’t advocate replacing people with machines, but rather putting machines at the service of people. Our intelligent pricing software is designed to give you back control of your data, and to use this to provide you with meaningful pricing intelligence to implement your business strategy. Our pricing software uses artificial intelligence to manage complex tasks, enhance you understanding, and open up new horizons for your business.

Our story

Brennus Analytics started in Toulouse, in the south of France, with the meeting of artificial intelligence researchers passionate about technological innovation and eager to find a practical application for it. After several years spent testing the technology on a number of projects, the area of pricing emerged as the obvious choice: complex, structured around (lots of) data, of key importance, and having a major impact on business success. The team expanded to include experts in pricing, marketing and business, and Brennus Analytics was founded at the end of 2015. Since then, we’ve been constantly developing, on the lookout for talented individuals that will help improve our technology, our product offering and the value that we deliver to clients a little bit more each day.

Brennus was a 4th century BC Gaulish chief, whose name probably derives from the Celtic god, Brennan, often represented in the form of a crow. The crow is a highly-intelligent bird, to which Celtic mythology accredited the ability to see signs that were invisible to the human eye.

Our values


Just as we don’t believe in a conflict between technology and business, we don’t think there should be one between contractors and clients. We’ll listen to you, understand your work processes, and challenge you using a practical, iterative approach. We work hand in hand, together.


We strongly believe that a company will only last if the value produced is equally shared between all the participants of its success. This is essential so that solid bonds can be created between individuals. It also encourages reciprocity. We are working with our clients and partners to create that reciprocity, and our compensation system embodies exactly that spirit.

Continuous innovation

Should pricing be dynamic ? Then so should we ! Always searching for ways to improve, we invest a lot in R&D and are open to new ways of working, both internally and with our partners. We work iteratively with you, and we love the challenge.


We believe that transparency is the cornerstone on which trusting relationships are built. We won’t hide the problems, and we won’t provide a sticking plaster solution. We actively apply this transparency to our pricing solution, that we’d like to be as transparent as possible (i.e. a glass box and not a black box!).

Our team

We’re a team where technology, business, and marketing meet and complement each other. A bit like a multi-agent system (yep, that’s what our AI technology is called), we’re constantly adapting. Some of us are doctors of artificial intelligence, or software geniuses. Others are pricing or client relationship gurus. We have one thing in common: we’re all keen entrepreneurs.