Brennus Analytics joins SAP.iO Foundry, the accelerator program for B2B Tech startups

Brennus Analytics, the price optimization software specialist, has been selected with five other startups to join the first session of SAP.iO Foundry Paris, dedicated to growing and nurturing the most promising French B2B Tech players.


This 10-week acceleration program, designed by SAP.iO and already running in San Francisco, New York, Berlin and Tel Aviv, is moving to Paris and aims to host 50 startups over the next five years. As a global leader in enterprise technology, SAP provides 400,000 businesses worldwide with the software applications and services they need to continually improve their management and performance. By launching SAP.iO Foundry today in Paris, SAP aims to support the most promising French B2B startups to help it in this mission.


All six selected startups are specialized in the optimization of business processes through new technologies, and have reached a technological and structural maturity that allows them to consider a partnership and synergies with SAP services. Each of the ten weeks of acceleration will have a specific theme, such as the technical and functional complementarity between SAP and the startup or business development.


Due to the great complementarity between our offer, focused on the optimal price recommendation for B2B companies, and the SAP software suite that already equips many of our clients, we are very excited to work on further integration. This program will be an opportunity for us to refine the features and automation of our software hence offer more value to our clients!