Brennus Analytics will be present at Microsoft Experiences18

MS Experiences18

Microsoft Experiences18, the digital intelligence event, is the perfect opportunity to watch demos and take the time to discuss the future of your pricing!


Your price list looks like an ill-fitting patchwork? Your customers are all “special cases”? Your salespeople don’t understand your price strategy anymore? So much reasons to visit us!


Microsoft Experiences18 will take place on November 6th & 7th at Palais de Congrès in Paris. Admission is free and upon registration:


Thanks to its privileged partnership with Microsoft, Brennus Analytics will be present on the CMO / CDO space.


We will be happy to present our product to you and show you how to act on your prices will help you improve both your profitability and your image with your customers!


  • Smart Quotation: predictive intelligence for spot pricing, triggering a rapid increase in hit rate, a drastic reduction in low margin deals, and a quicker response time on your quotes;
  • Price Grids Optimization: harnessing the full potential of AMAS (multi-agent systems, an exclusive AI technology) to optimize price lists and discounts (gross to net), all in one.