Pricing Intelligence Software

Our intelligent pricing solution transforms your strategic and sales objectives into a sustainable pricing strategy that delivers optimized sales prices. It enables you to unlock the power of the pricing lever while mastering its complexity. Brennus Analytics gives you access to exclusive artificial intelligence technology, which learns continuously and which can predict how your customers behave (e.g. willingness to pay, elasticity) by analysing your sales data. Combined with our pricing simulation software, it allows you to visualize and elaborate on proposed optimal prices, and to work in real-time to achieve highly-dynamic pricing.

Modular pricing intelligence

Our price optimization software is modular, and you can implement one or several of these modules according to your specific needs. These enable you to drive value in a number of possible ways : re-think your pricing strategy and discount grids, develop well-timed, relevant price promotions, create price packages, automate pricing processes and respond to calls for tender at the right price

Operation and technology

At the heart of our solution is proprietary artificial intelligence technology developed by the Toulouse Institute of Computer Science Research (IRIT). This provides complex optimization capabilities, lifelong learning of price elasticity modules, and unparalleled predictive simulation.

Client Data

Internal data : transaction history, segmentation, inventory, production capacity

External data : raw materials, competition, weather


Predictive Simulation


Proprietary lifelong machine learning technology

Interaction and data visualization

Sales teams

Sales division, marketing or pricing

General management

The benefits of Brennus' pricing software

Highly flexible, adapts to meet your needs

Together we’ll define the variables, sales targets, and the data visualization you need to boost performance. You can personalize the type of price optimization required (objectives) and integrate your specific commercial constraints.

Integration of data sources in real-time

We can leverage both internal and external data using APIs, either as a stream or by the regular importing of files. The choice is yours! Our proprietary lifelong learning technology will keep pace with your needs.

Incremental approach

Our solution is built on the gradual implementation of modules, depending on the data available and the level of support you require to implement change: from analysis to predictive simulation, and optimization of pricing.


Our proprietary technology makes the results of optimizing pricing clear, in a way that’s easy to understand. This not only improves buy-in within the organization, but also provides hard data to improve your sales pitch to customers.

How we work

Our aim is to minimize both the time and complexity involved in integrating our pricing software. To achieve this, we work in an iterative, agile way that is both incremental and modular.

Data diagnostic & integration

Customization & test

Roll out

Our superior price solution operates on a SaaS model: you pay a monthly subscription to access the service. And you can rest assured that your data is secure: each of our clients has their own dedicated server with our partner, Microsoft Azure.